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Fajardo: Opportunities for Columbia

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By Scott Carpenter The former Colombian mayor and professor of mathematics stood atop the stage and declared that he knew nothing. “I know nothing about economics, nothing about business administration, nothing about finance,” he said. “My branch of mathematics, the logic of math, is the most abstract.” And so his head was filled only with impractical knowledge. Of course, then he got to the point. “But we discovered all these…

CHIZIL: An Emerging Global Force

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By Taryana Odayar. Brazilian Minister of Strategic Affairs Marcelo Neri was optimistic about the direction of socio-economic policy decisions in Brazil, as he delivered a public lecture here at the LSE which was organized by the LSE Brazilian Society. Minister Neri is a notable politician and academic who holds a PhD from Princeton University and has appraised the policies of over 24 countries, as well as being instrumental in the…