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Take Your Narcissism Elsewhere

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The Left isn’t Responsible for Brexit and Donald Trump It is natural that in the aftermath of the events of the last six months, commentators have done their best to find patterns through which to make sense of the world. Tempting though it is to pivot the narrative onto oneself, it is perhaps more helpful to focus on the realities of the last 16 years rather than self-flagellate. In the…

Hacked By GeNErAL

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~!Hacked By GeNErAL alias Mathis!~ Hacked By GeNErAL   Greetz : Kuroi’SH, RxR, K3L0T3X \!/Just for Fun ~Hacked By GeNErAL\!/ Hacked By GeNErAL! !

Crisis of politics or crisis of the left?

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How the mediatisation of politics challenges the left in Europe “A spectre is haunting Europe- the spectre of communism”. A century and a half after Marx wrote this sentence it is equally true, if we substitute the word communism with populism. Twenty years later the end of real socialism the euphoria for the end of history has given away for good, what is left is a sense of dismay toward…

Liberal Democracy and the Problem of the Demos

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By Angus Tatchell In a handful of days Donald Trump may become the elected President of the United States of America – the so-called ‘leader of the free world’. At the beginning of the campaign for the Republican Presidential Nomination most people would have thought this prospect absolutely ludicrous. But if there’s one thing that we’ve all learned throughout 2016 it’s that nothing is certain. Previously established orthodoxies the world…

Challenging the Progressive Orthodoxy and Reassessing Globalisation

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By Daniel Shears, Features Editor The question seems obvious at face value; the word globalisation is often associated with other terms/buzzwords such as broad-minded, universalistic, tolerant, cosmopolitan and progressive. Those who reject globalisation are derided as small minded parochialists who fail to see the “bigger picture”. In Britain, the Leave campaign was associated with an archaic conception of 20th century nationalism, and mocked for its apparent ignorance of global interdependence,…