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Fighting for Free Speech in Turkey

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By Paula Grabosch Journalism is not a crime. With these words emblazoned across their banners, protesters drove through Berlin and other German cities last week in solidarity with Deniz Yücel. The #FreeDeniz movement was brought to life after the German-Turkish journalist was taken into police custody in Istanbul last Monday.   On the 14th February, the 43-year-old correspondent for German newspaper Die Welt was arrested and has now, two weeks…

America First, Democracy Second?

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By Zikai Chua “Enemies of the people” was the phrase US President Donald Trump used to describe media outlets which publish what he labels “fake news”. The 45th President of the United States has faced intense scrutiny, often accompanied by harsh criticisms, of his each and every move during his short stint as President of the United States, and rightly so. In hindsight, perhaps the exclusion of news agencies (including…

Journalism By The People; For The People

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Stephan Michaeli, Postgraduate As humanity travels deeper into the digital age, we remain plagued by many recurring issues. Income inequality, irresponsible businesses, political corruption — to name just a few. But with the powers of technology, one such problem is becoming unacceptable. The vital craft of journalism is still dominated by a few powerful media empires. Fortunately, technology has begun to break this monopoly. News reports often use footage that…