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Obama’s Drone War: A Review

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by Cameron Chippindale The controversial foreign policy has been a mix of success and failure In early 2009 the newly inaugurated President Obama gave the order to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to dramatically increase the scale of America’s drone warfare programme in Pakistan. What had once been a limited and sporadic programme under Bush became the infamous “unblinking eye”, a vast fleet of merciless predator drones humming almost constantly…

Narendra Modi: Harbinger of a new World Order?

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By Taryana Odayar “Divisions and the spread of nationalism in South Asia represent other dangers for the future and should be diverted by cooperation between countries at many levels, for example in civil societies, as well in diverse international organizations, such as the South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation.” –  Francesco Brunello Zanitti. The 16th of May 2014 proved to be a significant day for the Republic of India as…

Peshawar’s Unforeseen Consequences In India

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By Rayhan Chouglay The recent killing of schoolchildren in Peshawar, Pakistan was undoubtedly a despicable criminal act and a great tragedy not only for Pakistan but for the whole world and society in general. This incident has effects for many of the contexts it is set in, such as the war on terror, the conflict between the Taliban and the Pakistani state and the continuing tension in the border regions…

The Constant Threat Of Terror In Pakistan

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16th December will be marked as a horrific and dreadful day in the history of Pakistan. 132 innocent children were slaughtered mercilessly by the Taliban at a school attended predominantly by children of army officials in the capital city of the country’s northern province- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 9 members of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) conducted a terrorist attack on the Army Public School. The Pakistan Army’s Special Services Group launched a…

Dhoom 2014: LSESU PakSoc Event lives up to its name

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By Salman Muhajir For the third year running, the London School of Economics (LSE) Students’ Union (SU) Pakistan Society hosted their flagship Michaelmas Term event – Dhoom – with the largest turnout to date. For £10 (£8 for PakSoc members), you were treated to biryani, a soft drink, a free photo booth, an open mic, choreographed dance performances, and a South Asian club night. After an hour-long delay, due to…