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Tag : Privilege

The Myth of Luck – A Response to Robert H. Frank

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The Death Knell of Free Speech has sounded: A Review of the Spiked Debate

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By Dermot Neligan   The death knell of free speech has sounded. Well for the LSE Student Union at least. ‘Trigger words’, however obscure or innocuous stand to be banned. But it’s alright. The march toward progressive paternalism (*maternalism), is underway. We are fighting the noble fight… Forget Question Time, Thursday night’s main debate (for the LSE at least) saw the free speech on campus lobby group ‘Spiked’ lock horns…

In Opposition to Free Education

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By Mark Malik   Stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Few things in life are truly free. The free cheeseburgers we can get at McDonalds with our student cards don’t materialise out of thin air. All the ingredients have to be sourced, transported and made into a cheeseburger. This process is costly. That we can enjoy a cheeseburger without paying for it does not mean that it…