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Automation’s Bumpy Impact on Social Reality

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by Gabriel Zech An imminent, large-scale decrease in full-time employment means that we need to think beyond the noncomprehensive policies of income compensation.   The many ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) could drastically change our lives is a theme that the film industry is increasingly delving into. Whether they conceptualise human-like robots, machines capable of developing relationships with people or computers loaded with a person’s consciousness, pondering upon futuristic…

A Liberal Manifesto: How we defend globalisation post-Brexit

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The vote to Leave the EU on June 23rd was not just about the EU; it was a vote against globalisation and a defeat for liberalism. Of course, the arguments were made in the context of the EU, but the issues that were debated were much broader.  The vote to Leave was a vote against immigration.  It was a vote against ‘established’ economics.  It was a vote against internationalism.  It…