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Justin Trudeau: Popular and Progressive?

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By Rajan Soni As the world moves further and further away from values of openness, integration and multiculturalism, a sprawling faction across the globe has been left feeling hopelessly disillusioned with the state of politics. For many readers, endless lamenting of the death of liberal democracy will be an all too familiar topic of conversation. But there is one name that, in the midst of woe, seems to crop up…

Trump’s Russian Travails: Diplomatic Pragmatist or Putin’s Puppet?

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By Rajan Soni Donald Trump’s alleged links Moscow have consistently provided his critics with a stick to beat him with. With further evidence surfacing last week suggesting contact between Trump’s election campaign and Russian intelligence officials, many are suggesting that the culmination of this apparent scandal could prove to be Trump’s Watergate. But what exactly is the nature of the relationship between the Trump administration and Putin’s Russia, and, should…

Prison Riots: Brazil’s Penal System on Trial

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By Rajan Soni “We are all in hell. There is no solution, because we do not even know the problem.” These chilling words are those of Marcola, leader of the First Capital Command (PCC), Brazil’s most infamous drug gang. They were given in an interview to national newspaper O Globo in 2014, following a series of prison riots. Nearly three years on, his words have not lost any of their…