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Tensions Between Russia and the Baltic states

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Invasion by the superpower is a realistic threat from President Putin By Cameron Chippindale Many commentators on post-cold war rivalries denounce the idea of a Russian invasion of the Baltic States as a preposterous fantasy of paranoid Russia-watchers. This is not so. Russia invaded and annexed Crimea and holds sway over the rebels now running parts of Eastern Ukraine. These are rebels it has supplied with the cutting edge of Russian…

Trump’s Russian Travails: Diplomatic Pragmatist or Putin’s Puppet?

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By Rajan Soni Donald Trump’s alleged links Moscow have consistently provided his critics with a stick to beat him with. With further evidence surfacing last week suggesting contact between Trump’s election campaign and Russian intelligence officials, many are suggesting that the culmination of this apparent scandal could prove to be Trump’s Watergate. But what exactly is the nature of the relationship between the Trump administration and Putin’s Russia, and, should…

Crimea River: Ukraine Isn’t The Only Victim

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I am a Russian and a patriot. Having said that, I do not love every aspect of my country and am not prepared to stand for the atrocious behaviour of Russia’s leaders. Having said that, when I listen to some of the things that the LSE Ukrainians come out with I am willing to put a tick in Putin’s box on the next ballot. I would guess that I am…

Lithuania Moves West from the “Evil Empire”

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Lithuania is a country at the crossroads of history. For hundreds of years, it has been dominated by either Germany or Russia, as the armies of great powers have swept east and west across Europe. Lithuania has finally achieved sustained and democratic independence, seceding from the USSR in 1990, and ascending to the EU in 2004. Thus, preserving this independence, politically and culturally, is of upmost importance in Vilnius today….

Russian tanks roll into Eastern Ukraine

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This week, we have seen additional evidence from OCSE monitors of Russian Tank units rolling into Luhansk. And more ominously, trucks labelled “cargo 200”, the Russian military term for the bodies of soldiers killed in action, rolling back. Clearly, we are now seeing more and more brazen Russian support to sustain the separatists, to keep the insurgency going and to further plunge the Ukraine into crisis. But what is Putin’s…