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Automation’s Bumpy Impact on Social Reality

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by Gabriel Zech An imminent, large-scale decrease in full-time employment means that we need to think beyond the noncomprehensive policies of income compensation.   The many ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) could drastically change our lives is a theme that the film industry is increasingly delving into. Whether they conceptualise human-like robots, machines capable of developing relationships with people or computers loaded with a person’s consciousness, pondering upon futuristic…

Addressing the Kurdish Question

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by Dween Billbas, There have been few success stories in the Middle East as of late. Sectarianism coupled with the flamboyant rise of a radical Islamist State have seemed to dominate the headlines. In light of this threat the Kurds have managed to hold their ground on a 650-km front, that has heavily outstretched its personnel and resources. Iraqi Kurdistan, a semi-autonomous region within Iraq, contains about a quarter of…

The Beginning Of The End Of The Patriarchy

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By Gabrielle Beran Ah yes, the Telegraph reported the end of Page Three of The Sun displaying a scantily clad woman, and despite the confusion over there being breasts on page three some days last week and not on others, I hope this means that the fading out of the “feature” is in full swing. This exercise showed another overly long, unjustifiably debated, request of the feminist community being granted….