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Fighting for Free Speech in Turkey

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By Paula Grabosch Journalism is not a crime. With these words emblazoned across their banners, protesters drove through Berlin and other German cities last week in solidarity with Deniz Yücel. The #FreeDeniz movement was brought to life after the German-Turkish journalist was taken into police custody in Istanbul last Monday.   On the 14th February, the 43-year-old correspondent for German newspaper Die Welt was arrested and has now, two weeks…

Re-Examining the UK’s Role in the Refugee Crisis

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By Stefanos Argyros, Features Editor More than 650 000 refugees and asylum seekers have undertaken the perilous journey to Europe, hoping for a better future,one of security and dignity where they will be able to live unfettered from the oppression of an authoritarian regime and the spectre of war. As the seemingly intractable conflicts in Syria and beyond wear on, the influx of refugees and asylum seekers will not subside….

The Case for a European Turkey

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It might not be popular these days to talk of Turkey as a European country, Turkey however today needs Europe more than ever and Europeans should be doing more in further cementing Turkey’s position within Europe. Whereas the prospect of integrating Turkey inside the EU is a far-flung possibility, given the current enlargement fatigue, euro-crisis and the union’s ability to absorb further large states, Europeans elites and people should start…