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The state of peacekeeping in Africa

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Editorial : This Week in News

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By Taryana Odayar, Executive Editor.  Its already Week 3! Since last Tuesday, there have been some pretty interesting developments both at home and abroad,  so I thought I’d do a round up of the more riveting ones thus far. On Wednesday the 5th, Britain’s eurosceptic UKIP was plunged into chaos over party leader Diane James quitting, citing “personal and professional reasons”, only 18 days after being elected to the role….

Less Veto, More Action

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By Philip Havmose. For decades, students have been a driving force of change in political campaigns. Sparking events such as the 1956 Hungarian Revolution as well as amendments to the Malaysian constitution in 2011, student campaigns have time and time again shown their ability to influence the political agenda. Even in our own backyard, the LSE Students’ Union has a long standing reputation for being able to mobilize a large…

Eradicating the Scourge of Human Trafficking

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Friday the 20th of February 2015 marked the commemoration of the World Day for Social Justice. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon delivered a powerful statement on the significance of this year’s commemoration, as it comes at a crucial point in time given the high volume of human trafficking, approximating 21 million women, men and children as of date. Alluding to the International Labour Organization (ILO), Ban Ki-Moon went on to say…

Humanitarian Intervention : International Law and the lessons learnt from Afghanistan

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By Taryana Odayar. To intervene or not to intervene? That is the question. Or, in other words, do we trample over another country’s sovereignty in order to satisfy our ideals of self-defence and save civilian lives? In order to find an answer to this multi-faceted question, we must first look at what is meant by the term ‘humanitarian intervention,’ commonly referred to as the ‘responsibility to protect’ or R2P. Interestingly,…