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Overseas Students Forced to the Limit

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Written by Jinling Luo Crash! Dropping from six to just two months, international students now have drastically shortened permission to stay in the UK after graduation. Following Brexit, the visa verification criteria are pushing up against the limit. Amber Rudd announced two-tier visa regulations, as well as a new £140m “controlling migration fund” to further decrease the size of overseas student body. The government will now put stricter regulations on…

Why the Free Speech Debate is Occurring Now

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by James Wilken-Smith, The free speech debate is the pressing issue of university politics. A lot of digital ink has been spilled spelling out the arguments for and against each side, and the debate has spilled out of universities into the mainstream media and popular consciousness. However, less attention has been paid to another question: why is the debate happening at all? The first place to look is the US….

The grass actually is greener in Cambridge.

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By Tess Geraghty. I am a second year law student at LSE and can now honestly say I am completely satisfied with my ‘uni experience’. The problem is I get half of it at Cambridge. To start with the positive, I LOVE the law department here. Unlike many law students, when asked whether I like reading law, my ‘yer, I love it’ is not sarcastic. The quality of the lectures…