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Vegans and vegetarians protest against the new £5 notes

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Vegans and vegetarians are in conflict with a surprising new enemy -the Bank of England. After the excitement of the new £5 note has slowly started to fade, the Bank of England is now being criticised for the use of animal fats in their new £5 polymer banknotes, which began circulating the UK back in September. Plastic banknotes are now being used in more than 30 countries worldwide. The new…

Hare Krishna ; serving LSE students Karma-free food

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By Sebastian Shehadi (Deputy Features Editor) and Taryana Odayar (Features Editor) George Bernard Shaw – that bastion of all things great and LSE – once said that, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” And whilst we may be one of the most politically opinionated and ideologically diverse student bodies in London, if not the UK, there’s one thing we are all equally passionate about and which…

UGM: In Favour Of Meat Free Mondays

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by Sara Hyder and Dan Kidby Our environment is in crisis. All of us, our scientists, academics and even our politicians agree that we are on the brink of ecological disaster. If we let the global temperature of our planet increase by just 2°, our environment will be at the whim of a destructively unstable climate. For many it may not be immediately obvious why Meat Free Mondays is an…