Transgender Student joins Beaver Online as Sexuality Blogger

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Beaver Online are delighted to welcome a new member to our line-up of weekly bloggers.

Mr. H, a pseudonym, is a transgender who will be blogging about sexuality and his experiences in completing the transition to male life. His blog will be called “Making Mr. H

The Beaver and Beaver Online rarely permit the use of a pseudonym, however in this instance it has been granted so Mr. H is not limited in going ‘stealth’ in the future; where people would not be aware of his transgender status.

Mr. H is currently making the social transition to male life and hopes to make the medical transition in the near future.

Speaking about his new blog with Beaver Online, Mr. H said, “I’m super excited to have been picked as the weekly Sexuality Blogger for Beaver Online!”

“It was a big step for me to put myself out there enough to share a part of my story.”

“This year is setting itself up to be a big one in terms of developing into who I am (both personally and in other areas), and I hope to document the triumphs and challenges going forward!”

Alex Leung, LGBT Officer, praised the new blog, commenting that “the weekly blog about gender reassignment and sexuality is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the issue and for LSE students to understand trans students’ difficulties.”

“Being a trans student is very difficult. According to National Union of Students, one in two (51 per cent) trans students have seriously considered dropping out of their course.”

“Also, of those who had considered dropping out, around two-thirds mentioned the feeling of not fitting in and mentioned health problems (67 and 65 per cent respectively).”

“I hope everyone has an open heart and are here to go through the journey with trans students.”

In his first blog post, Mr. H has written about his girlfriend and their relationship dynamic with him being a gay man and her being a lesbian.

The piece is titled ‘labels are for clothes, not people‘.

Mr. H joins a diverse team of Beaver Online bloggers, including Malvika Jaganmohan who posts about all things gender in ‘The Malvika Monologues‘.

Harry Maxwell

Harry Maxwell is a final-year undergraduate studying BSc Geography with Economics. He is the Founder of Champagne Society and the current President of LooSE TV, as well as a social member of the Men's Rugby team.