Vegans and vegetarians protest against the new £5 notes

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Vegans and vegetarians are in conflict with a surprising new enemy -the Bank of England.

After the excitement of the new £5 note has slowly started to fade, the Bank of England is now being criticised for the use of animal fats in their new £5 polymer banknotes, which began circulating the UK back in September.

Plastic banknotes are now being used in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The new notes are designed to be more durable and environmentally friendly but it has been confirmed this week that traces of tallow have been found in the polymer pellets used to make the base of the notes.

Commonly found in soaps and cosmetics, tallow is an animal substance rendered from mullet and beef.

It has been reported that the Bank of England was unaware of the use of tallow until after contracts with supplier their Innovia were signed.

Although it has been claimed that only a small amount of tallow is used to make these new long-lasting bank notes, petitions to stop the use of animals substances in the notes have received over 100,000 signatures since the start of this week and even threats of boycotting have been made by groups of activists.

Those who took to social media to voice their dissatisfaction have described the the lack of consideration shown by the Bank of England for vegans and vegetarians as ‘disrespectful’.

With many vegans and vegetarians taking their indirect consumption of animal substance seriously, much offence has been taken by those who were unaware of the polymer pellets’ composition.

Although cooperative efforts are currently being made between the Bank of England and Innovia to rectify this issue, the grounds for the protesters’ outrage remain valid.

With vegetarianism, veganism and animal welfare activism on the rise globally, it might be time to take their values more seriously.