Voldemort Is Back.

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Dear Wizards of the Magical World,

These are dark times. Really dark. Darker than the time when you face a Dementor. Darker than what us Muggles call the jet black iPhone 7 these days.

And it’s because Voldemort is back. In my letter to you here, he is a symbolic representation – of intolerance, hatred, exclusivity and discrimination. He is stronger than ever, and no feeble love charms can do the trick this time.

He sees us Muggles as “outsiders” or “immigrants” or “international citizens” to the UK. He says we don’t belong here. He says there should be lesser of us in your world and he claims that he is going to make it difficult for us to stay here. And he has the power to do that. If not directly, he has the power to defect you to his side.

And there’s another one of him – call him a Horcrux, if you may – and he’s running to be a massive power in the US. And he says the same thing: that people sharing the same piece of land somehow need to adhere to imaginary lines that someone created and they need to stay within their respective pieces of land. And that doesn’t make sense to us.

For years, we have co-habited. We’ve had happy school-going memories of King’s Cross in the muggle world and we’ve had our share of butterbeers at Hogsmeade. You’ve camped at the Grimmauld Place in the muggle world and we’ve meandered through the dungeons of Hogwarts. You welcomed us into your world of wonder, and we welcomed you into our world of realism.

And that’s how it should be even now. Our worlds or countries or territories are marked only to ensure that there is efficient administration that pertains to finite pieces of land, that the daily affairs of people can be managed and supported, that there is someone to put in order the chaos that human societies usually bring. But if one fine day they start to see human interaction, and relationships, and love and friendship as chaos – we are in a dark world. If one fine day they feel the need to do away with the permeability between our worlds, we are in dark times.

And so, we ask you to stay strong. We ask you to believe in the magic of human connections. We are all in the same world. And you have given us a lot more than you can imagine. And we bring a lot more to you than you can imagine. We ask you to not fall for the Voldemort telling you to banish the muggles forever from your world. We ask you to stand by us and fight. Because that’s what is the right thing to do.


The Muggles