About Us

The Beaver is the official newspaper of the LSE Students’ Union.

Founded in 1949, The Beaver has a long history of substantive news coverage and insightful commentary.

In its current form, the paper consists of the following sections: News, Comment, Features, and the FLIPSIDE magazine sections Part B, Review, Social and Sport.

The paper also produces podcasts and collaborates on video productions with LOOSE TV.

The Beaver is governed by the Collective, a group of students who have made two or more contributions to the paper.

You can read more about The Beaver’s history here.

Morgan Fairless, Executive Editor – editor@beaveronline.co.uk

Jamie Boucher, Managing Editor – managing@beaveronline.co.uk

Christina Lauren, FLIPSIDE Editor – flipside@beaveronline.co.uk

Lucy Knight, Beaver Editor – beaver@beaveronline.co.uk

Yasmina O’Sullivan, Multimedia Editor – multimedia@beaveronline.co.uk