Maya Kokerov

Part B Editor 2019/20

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I am a masters Media and Communications student at LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science), but completed my BA in Philosophy and Literature at Warwick University. I am the 2019/20 editor of The Beaver's Arts and Culture Section, Part B, as well as the co-editor of another online publication and zine (My Goddess Complex).

Mulholland Drive: Can Film Be Philosophy?

If you study this Lynchian fever dream philosophically, it metamorphoses from a cinematic jigsaw into a subversion of traditional film narrative that provokes philosophical inquiry through emotion.

The art of the scandalous nude

The nude as a concept has made waves on the digital sea ever since the infamous 2007 nude leak, when Disney stars like Vanessa Hudgens became the victim of a scandalous violation of privacy. But this sensationalised pop culture phenomenon…

Talk To Her and the media’s dangerous sexualisation of victims

Almodóvar’s film Hablé con Ella (Talk to Her, 2003) aestheticizes the female body, masking sexual violence in ways that are as nuanced as they are harmful. The treatment of the main female character, Alicia, and her rapist Benigno have been…

The Academia and the City of Sighs

Nicknamed ‘La Serenissima’ after repeatedly described as ‘serene’ by people of high importance, Venice is one of the most historically and culturally preserved European cities. The title is well-deserved, especially in winter, when there are few loitering, selfie-hungry tourists who…

Mary Sibande: I Came Apart at the Seams

Just off the main entrance of Somerset House, you enter a room where time moves more slowly than the place from which you came. Two silhouettes in the distance metamorphose into distinct figures, chaotically draped in full-skirted gowns – one…

3 Trans artists changing the game

Quay Dash ‘I’m black, I’m trans, and I can actually rap. Plus, I’m pretty… When you have beauty, brains, and talent, that’s some shit they can’t take’- Dazed Digital Quay Dash emerged from the embers of SoundCloud rap to create…

Keshavarz’s Circumstance is one of disruption and defiance

On the surface, Circumstance (2011) depicts the emotive, tumultuous journey of Atafeh and her orphaned best friend Shireen. They fall in love in Iran, where tensions mount between the underground youth culture, particularly their steps toward LGBTQ rights. and the…

Femininity is not a Weakness

In 2019, women are widely accepted in the Western world as equally valuable in potential, ability, and rights relative to men, in contrast to men’s history of privilege. But is this only a formality?