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Pêcheur de maux

This poem cannot be translated literally because in French there is a play on words between “mots” (words) and “maux” (woes).

An impression of The Lighthouse

Robert Eggers’ most recent masterpiece, The Lighthouse, is a black and white depiction of an insular maritime setting where two men share their solitudes. The film narrates the relationship between two lighthouse keepers, who navigate through scenes of peace and conflict.

Nos peaux comme des poles

© Image by Rob Woodcox

Rubik’s Cube

Illustration: Nono Astro Irarez


Un’isola come un mondo condensato canta il suo mistero le sue incertezze Nella Serenissima balla il flusso di gente venuto da non si sa dove L’isola diventa un luogo giramondo in cui i cuori si intrecciano in silenzio mentre la…

Crache Cœur

Crache Coeur is a niche, must-see movie. Literally meaning Spit, Heart, the film’s title recalls ‘cache coeur’, a type of jacket that protects the breast- ultimately, our beating heart. The nucleus of this story is the emotional rebirth of a…

Colette, a modern soul in an old-fashioned world

The married life of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette is the story of a modern soul in an old fashioned world. She was engaged to Willy, an established writer, who overshadowed her. Set in Paris in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century,…

Jeux de maux

Une génération qui inspire, une inspiration qui génère. Image: Marica Zottino

Cosmic Labyrinths

                                         Each passion has a backdoor                              …