Tomoko Sano
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MSc IR (2019-20) I worked for a newspaper in Japan till August 2019, as a writer, covered mainly social problems, political issues and also edited each page at the head office.

At LSE, Piketty lectures on worldwide inequality

On Thursday, 6 February, LSE alumnus Thomas Piketty, Professor at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and at the Paris School of Economics, delivered a speech titled “Capital and Ideology”, named after his latest seminal book. Piketty explained…

At LSE, Walt voices harsh criticism​ of US foreign policy

On Monday 21 October, The LSE United States Centre hosted Stephen M. Walt, Professor of International Affairs at Harvard University. He is known as one of the leading proponents of defensive realism. The talk, titled “Can America Still Have a…