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Boycott NSS Campaign Gathers Steam

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  1. Selina Swift says:

    Very misleading headline which suggests that the Beaver supports the NSS Boycott. A few posters stuck on the back of toilet doors, and a Facebook page with 63 likes (ATTOW) is hardly the epitome of ‘gathering steam’. In the last 50% of the article, it is highlighted that actually there is no longer a connection between the NSS and TEF; and so, boycotting the NSS contributes nothing to the motive of undermining the TEF. So, even if the NSS boycotters’ campaign were to be gathering steam, their train would be headed to the wrong destination. I completely agree that the TEF is a very threatening framework, and I believe that these campaigners are focusing on an extremely important cause, i.e. preventing tuition fees from rising. However, this energy needs to be reinvested into more direct ways to make a genuine impact on the place of the TEF in the UK.

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