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Tensions mount after Black Bloc Day at LSE

Between 1:55 and 2:05 on Thursday, October 31st, the LSE Students Alliance for Hong Kong began and ended their demonstration. Dressed in all black and wearing face-obscuring masks, the students stood on the stairs outside the New Academic Building for a group picture.

“Pain au chocolat ou chocolatine?” Héloïse and Edouard weigh in on being French at LSE

You might think that all the French people at LSE already know each other, but you would be wrong: Héloïse and Edouard have never met before this interview.

Sir Arthur Lewis, today

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it – especially in the case of economics. The vigorous political economy debates of today dominate academia and wider political discourse, and history is indeed repeating itself with current debates…

BBC – Minouche top choice for Bank of England Governor

According to the BBC, LSE Director Dame Minouche Shafik is the conservative government’s choice to lead the Bank of England, replacing current governor Mark Carney.  Shafik has previously served as deputy-governor from 2014 to 2017. If she ends up taking…

Angelica Olawepo on social mobility, fashion, and leaving Oxford

photography by Sebastian Mullen No one is happier to be at LSE than Angelica Olawepo. After spending a year on an access programme at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, she applied to study here. She  even travelled to attend the LSE…

Non-credit courses surge at LSE

LSE is quickly building up revenues from non-certificated “short courses,” going further than its peers as it seeks to diversify sources of income in the face of declining public funding for UK universities.

Lack of support for male victims of sexual harassment at LSE

According to LSE’s website, support available for students who have faced sexual harassment includes a team of academics who volunteer to be safe contacts and a sexual violence support worker from Rape Crisis South London, who is independent from the…

Exclusive: Minouche rejects calls for climate emergency

LSE students on climate strike, March 2019. Credit Molly Blackall for 68.

Nominations Open for LSESU MT Elections

Nominations for the MT LSESU Elections open today at 10am. Those looking to run for a position will have until 17 October to nominate themselves, with hustings set to take place the week after, on 23 October. Open positions include…

How do we define ‘Working Class’?

At the end of the last academic year, I found myself winning the role of social mobility officer. Now I find myself now faced with one of LSE’s biggest class-based problems; who is the LSE working class? This LSE bubble…