Part B

Arts and Culture previews, and commentary pieces.

Le Piano Vertébral

Le Piano Vertébral by Salomé Melchior, 07/2020

Des rêves qui titubent (Stumbling dreams)

‘Stumbling Dreams’ by Salomé Melchior, 06/2020

Mulholland Drive: Can Film Be Philosophy?

If you study this Lynchian fever dream philosophically, it metamorphoses from a cinematic jigsaw into a subversion of traditional film narrative that provokes philosophical inquiry through emotion.

L’heure jaune (The yellow hour)

“To my father, who transformed the famous “blue hour”, which appears when the sun is setting, and told me about the yellow hour… Thus, he is this poem’s source of inspiration.”

Pêcheur de maux

This poem cannot be translated literally because in French there is a play on words between “mots” (words) and “maux” (woes).

Fight Night Sonnets

Can the brutality of Fight Night be captured through the language of love? Fight Night was one of the last major LSE events held before the school’s unfortunate closure. How fitting then, that it was one of its best. Talent,…

An impression of The Lighthouse

Robert Eggers’ most recent masterpiece, The Lighthouse, is a black and white depiction of an insular maritime setting where two men share their solitudes. The film narrates the relationship between two lighthouse keepers, who navigate through scenes of peace and conflict.

Tongue (and suspended belief)

I can taste marijuana on the tip of his tongue. And his nose ring was cold from the Melbourne winter. I can trace ribcage under his skin, moving my finger across his tall stature like a pen that an artist…

The Rise of Skywalker proves there is no right way to extend a franchise

There’s no ‘right’ way to extend a franchise with an established fan base, but after watching the final episode of the new Star Wars trilogy we can safely say that Disney did it the wrong way. Hiring different directors for each new story might have worked for the original trilogy but not in this instance.

Paper Skin

History tells us that continents were forged out of paper skin, and paper is the new blood that grew into the old blood that  haunts the memories of my elders. Paper Skin is fair, like white phantom. It moves through…