Part B

Arts and Culture previews, and commentary pieces.

The Rise of Skywalker proves there is no right way to extend a franchise

There’s no ‘right’ way to extend a franchise with an established fan base, but after watching the final episode of the new Star Wars trilogy we can safely say that Disney did it the wrong way. Hiring different directors for each new story might have worked for the original trilogy but not in this instance.

Paper Skin

History tells us that continents were forged out of paper skin, and paper is the new blood that grew into the old blood that  haunts the memories of my elders. Paper Skin is fair, like white phantom. It moves through…

Joker: A clown act you’re unlikely to forget

The origin story of Batman’s arch-enemy defies the usual conventions of a comic book adaptation. Laughing out loud would be the last reaction you would have when watching Todd Phillips’ masterwork.

Why did Parasite capture our societal imagination?

Lots of people are praising Bong Joon Ho’s film Parasite, and for good reason. Most critics talk about his depiction of the polarisation of modern society, the suffering of socially marginalised groups, and how the comical twists balance out a dark, allegorical plot. This is all true.

Nos peaux comme des pôles

© Image by Rob Woodcox

What’s the value in historical romance?

A person like me would not have a life worth living in 19th century Britain, and yet I am enthralled by romantic fiction novels exclusively set in this era. This predicament doesn’t keep me up at night, per se, but…

The art of the scandalous nude

The nude as a concept has made waves on the digital sea ever since the infamous 2007 nude leak, when Disney stars like Vanessa Hudgens became the victim of a scandalous violation of privacy. But this sensationalised pop culture phenomenon…

Talk To Her and the media’s dangerous sexualisation of victims

Almodóvar’s film Hablé con Ella (Talk to Her, 2003) aestheticizes the female body, masking sexual violence in ways that are as nuanced as they are harmful. The treatment of the main female character, Alicia, and her rapist Benigno have been…

Rubik’s Cube

Illustration: Nono Astro Irarez