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Mary Sibande: I Came Apart at the Seams

Just off the main entrance of Somerset House, you enter a room where time moves more slowly than the place from which you came. Two silhouettes in the distance metamorphose into distinct figures, chaotically draped in full-skirted gowns – one…

3 Trans artists changing the game

Quay Dash ‘I’m black, I’m trans, and I can actually rap. Plus, I’m pretty… When you have beauty, brains, and talent, that’s some shit they can’t take’- Dazed Digital Quay Dash emerged from the embers of SoundCloud rap to create…

Sappho in the 21st Century

Sappho was an ancient Greek poet who lived on the island of Lesbos. She did so much gay stuff on the island that we named lesbians after it. Despite living ages ago, she has a lot to tell us about…

The 2019 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

In October 2019, Peter Handke received the Nobel Prize in Literature, an award whose legitimacy he once questioned. Not only does he recall Albert Camus’s controversial stance by doing so, his twofold description of the crudity and beauty of the human condition evokes the work of his fellow Nobel laureate

‘Moving to Mars’ Exhibition: where Fiction meets Science

Imagine packing only a small number of personal items, abandoning your normal routine, and uprooting your life wholesale. Those of us who have emigrated from one country to another can relate to some degree. But in the modern age, with…

Toni Morrison: The Power of Truth and Language

Toni Morrison died on August 5, 2019, at the age of 88. Morrison‘s work shed light on truths of American society that were largely missing from mainstream literature. Morrison’s writing was both popular and illuminating; her work forced many to confront American realities that they were not ready to.

On Beauty, disappointment, and the temple of the golden pavilion

When I read Mishima’s novel, the Golden Pavilion mystified me. But seeing it in person was a different story. No one warns you about the beam of sun burning on your skin, or the sea of crowds barring you from an uninterrupted viewing.

The Freedom of the Nightclub: Art and Politics at DRAF’s Annual Evening of Performances

On 3 October 2019, Ministry of Sound played host to something well outside its usual fare. While the pulsating thrum of techno and grime could be heard down the street, the London superclub became a gallery, the site for this year’s Annual Evening of Performances, a performance art event by the David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF).

The Ordinary Life of Arty Fishal

Arty Fishal is a regular guy. He lives in London, he has a job at a bank. He works six days a week. Every morning, Arty wakes up at 6AM to take the tube and gets to work by 7.…

Strong is the new beautiful

A shift in women’s representation in the Gulf media As a Saudi woman interested in media and gender studies, when I watched the Indian movie Mary Kom back in 2014, I thought it to be the perfect example of empowering…