Political correctness has gone too far at LSE.

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  1. anon says:

    id like to point out that voting conservative does not make you a tory, in my eyes (my own perception) rather just that youve been deceived by the perpetuated media and proven lies (how is it not illegal for politicians to lie!?). The tories are the standing members of the conservative party and their financial backers, who evidently have a greater interest in clinging to power than legitimately representing the views of their constituents. indeed thousands of people have literally died from being deemed fit for work when they are completely unable and having their support stripped from them. not to mention the NHS which the torys have been consistently selling off. you say a private health care system might not be so bad? look at the targets and achievements of the NHS over the last 20 years, the trends are uncanny. competition isnt about quality of care, its about profit. Not to say that the labour party are saints (indeed some could be better suited in my prior described conservative party) but historically it has been the party of social change to benefit the masses not the most privileged. as such by being offended by the term tory scum you are in fact yourself taking part in this over political correctness which you so despise. im an anarchist, i dont believe in any of it ever working. what we need is human level cooperation, love and understanding.

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