Reflections on the LSESU

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  1. Andrew Farrell says:

    Delighted to hear that there is now a Halls Bursary Scheme in place. Oddly this was not supported by the SU when it was first proposed by LSE, for reasons that I suspect were more to do with other dissatisfactions with what were then my areas of responsibility. But whatever the reasons were, recognising that living costs are a big issue – if not a bigger issue – than fees and that helping students from most challenging backgrounds have affordable and safe residences is important to widening access.

  2. Andrew says:

    The reason why the SU has a falling attendance is because it is perceived as an insider’s club for a hyper-sensitive, centre-left group of students who don’t share the concerns of the rest of the body. The Myanmar debate was well-attended because it was an important political and humanitarian issue at the time. Looking further back, the famous LSESU student protests in the Sixties were on key issues such as de-colonisation and segregation, which capture the public interest in a way in which debates on water fountains and the like cannot.

    This is not to mention the fact that a lot of events/services that truly matter to a student’s education (which is why they’re paying tuition for!) have to be resolved at a departmental level. I’m not going to raise the lack of contact hours within the History department, or the fact that one of my teachers is an imbecile PhD, with the SU. However, if the SU were to put forward a motion proposing that imbecile PhDs were to be banned from teaching, I’d be more than happy to go to that debate.

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