A response to “Dear White People: no melanin, no opinion” – a Brownsplanation.

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  1. Amira says:

    Beautiful article. Exposes the racist BME advocates for what they are. Shallow nativists who wish to promote their race above the level of equality. As a Muslim woman, I question as to why we’re expecting preferential treatment from ‘the Whites’ when ‘the Whites’ don’t expect an equivalent treatment from us back home. This was raised very well in your point about universities.

    I loved your point about blacksplaining. Since when did Black people gain some magical insight into the lives of White minorities? Or are they assuming that the entirety of Europe and NA is homogenous by nature and that there are no conflicts between its people, religions and culture? This is a rhetorical question – we see racism against Slavs, Jews, and, to a lesser degree, South Europeans by Englishmen to this day. And yet these minorities are lumped into the ‘White vs Non-White’ debate by racist BMEs.

    Your article, in spite of its short length, exposes the rhetoric of the BME supremacists for what it is: full of air. I don’t understand why more reasonable, nuanced comments can be made, such as that of Jeremy. I suspect that it’s the passion of the individuals involved.

  2. Dr. Necessitor says:

    Bravo! This is beautifully written and argued comment. The reply by Amira is also fantastic. Cheers to you both!

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