Des rêves qui titubent (Stumbling dreams)

‘Stumbling Dreams’ by Salomé Melchior, 06/2020

Pêcheur de maux

This poem cannot be translated literally because in French there is a play on words between “mots” (words) and “maux” (woes).

“Pain au chocolat ou chocolatine?” Héloïse and Edouard weigh in on being French at LSE

You might think that all the French people at LSE already know each other, but you would be wrong: Héloïse and Edouard have never met before this interview.

Bar Américain is one of Soho’s best bars

Bar Américain is a stunning Art Deco cocktail bar hidden beneath the decorative French restaurant Brassserie Zedel in Piccadilly Circus. Wow, what a bar. The first place I think if when I want to impress anyone is Bar Américain. Found…