Baghdad to Manchester: Coming to the UK as an Iraqi refugee

In honour of Refugee Week 2019. A written piece to commemorate a journey and internal struggle often experienced by thousands.

Le spleen n’est plus à la mode (c’est pas compliqué d’être heureux)
Title credits - lyrics by Angèle and Romeo ElvisPicture credits - Jamaica1802 (Pixabay)
How can I ever change things that I feel?

Sexuality, home and change I look down at the lapel of my coat. Fuck. The badges. I forgot to take them off. Frida Kahlo and a gay flag stare back at me. I take one off, slip on the cool…

Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Bi?

I’m gay. It’s a Friday afternoon, and as I stand in front of a crowd of teenagers, the words echoing in my head, my stomach flips. No one in this room knows me, but the paranoia of people knowing is…