Le Piano Vertébral

Le Piano Vertébral by Salomé Melchior, 07/2020

Des rêves qui titubent (Stumbling dreams)

‘Stumbling Dreams’ by Salomé Melchior, 06/2020

Fight Night Sonnets

Can the brutality of Fight Night be captured through the language of love? Fight Night was one of the last major LSE events held before the school’s unfortunate closure. How fitting then, that it was one of its best. Talent,…

An impression of The Lighthouse

Robert Eggers’ most recent masterpiece, The Lighthouse, is a black and white depiction of an insular maritime setting where two men share their solitudes. The film narrates the relationship between two lighthouse keepers, who navigate through scenes of peace and conflict.

Paper Skin

History tells us that continents were forged out of paper skin, and paper is the new blood that grew into the old blood that  haunts the memories of my elders. Paper Skin is fair, like white phantom. It moves through…

Nos peaux comme des pôles

© Image by Rob Woodcox

Ode to the Right Winger

“I have my final victory! The man of words; the child of Thatcher cried. Where is my wreath? My chariot of fire?” “The slings and slurs I suffered so, From wheezing academics in their ivory towers, From triggered libs who…

Crache Cœur

Crache Coeur is a niche, must-see movie. Literally meaning Spit, Heart, the film’s title recalls ‘cache coeur’, a type of jacket that protects the breast and, ultimately, our beating heart. The nucleus of this story is the emotional birth, death…