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With a print circulation of 1000, writing for The Beaver is a simple and fast way to get your work published and your voice heard.

To submit your content, register with our site by clicking the ‘login/register’ link. Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Here you will find instructions on how to submit your content, as well as a guide to our sections and their content requirements.

Please follow our style guide to facilitate the editing process.

Please note that the Beaver publishes content written by LSE students.

If you have any more questions, email beaver@beaveronline.co.uk for News, Comment, or Features, or email flipside@beaveronline.co.uk for Flipside-related content.

For questions about podcasts please contact multimedia@beaveronline.co.uk

For alumni submissions please contact editor@beaveronline.co.uk

For information on submitting confidential and encrypted information, please see this page: https://beaveronline.co.uk/how-to-submit-anonymous-and-encrypted-information-to-the-beaver


The Beaver’s news coverage reports on news from within LSE.

A good news article is objective and factual, clear and to the point. It presents an accurate and well-structured report of an event and those involved.

Articles in this section are between 300 and 500 words long, with longer articles anywhere up to 600 words.

The news section has its own team of staff writers who help put together the print edition of the section, and curate online content.


The Comment section is for opinion pieces on LSE, domestic, and international affairs. Opinion pieces reflect the author’s opinion about a subject, often taking the form of an argument for one position over another.

Included in this section are ‘letters to the editor’, short pieces by readers giving their opinion on views previously expressed in the paper.

Long form opinion pieces may be up to 800-1000 words long, with shorter opinion pieces anywhere from 300-600 words. Letters to the editor may be up to 200 words long.


Features is a section for longer form journalism. Feature pieces present an engaging narrative which draw the reader into the event or issue at hand, as opposed to simply reciting events or facts.

Feature pieces tend to include more on the background details of an event or issue, exploring a topic within its larger context, and allow for a greater flexibility in writing style.

Submissions should be between 700-1300 words for medium length features, whilst longer pieces may be anywhere up to 2000 words.


The Beaver’s magazine section of the paper, which launched in January 2017, combines Sport, Social and Review. It’s a break from the more traditional front section of the paper.

Each week a notable LSE student is featured on the cover, and an interview related to their work or status.


The sports section publishes results and match reports from the AU (Athletics Union). Comment pieces on sport, either at LSE or in general, are also published here.



The Social section is the home of satire and light-hearted LSE-based content. Horoscopes can be found here, too – if the stars align.

Part B

Part B is The Beaver’s arts and culture section. It also includes more ‘creative’ opinion pieces on art, culture, and society. Part B also publishes students’ original visual art pieces, as well as original poetry and prose.


Review is a down-to-earth entertainment section found next to Part B, at the beginning (or end) of FLIPSIDE. The place for music, movies, theatre and food, reviews, previews and retrospectives.